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A Children’s Guide to Improving Self-Confidence and Eliminating Bullying  From a Behavorial and Psychological Perspective.

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As a licensed professional counselor, it is troubling to observe that most children and adults who are diagnosed with social anxiety are struggling with low self-esteem issues. Therefore, if children learn to improve their self-confidence, at an early age, they are more likely to decrease the frequency, duration, and intensity of anxious behaviors. Studies show that bullies are not really mean people; they are insecure, so they pretend to be brave by selecting shy and feeble people to be their prey.


Consequently, Stand Up is written as a practical guide to give children the tools and resources that they need to be brave and courageous in standing up for themselves, their peers, and even the adults in their lives.


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20 Pages

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Memoir, Inspirational, Educational

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Citi of Books


November 15, 2023

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