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A Children’s Guide to Improving Self-Confidence and Eliminating Bullying  From a Behavorial and Psychological Perspective.


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As a licensed professional counselor, it is troubling to observe that most children and adults who are diagnosed with social anxiety are struggling with low self-esteem issues. Therefore, if children learn to improve their self-confidence, at an early age, they are more likely to decrease the frequency, duration, and intensity of anxious behaviors. Studies show that bullies are not really mean people; they are insecure, so they pretend to be brave by selecting shy and feeble people to be their prey.

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aims to equip young minds with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop self-assurance and cultivate a culture of compassion. Through a blend of behavioral and psychological views, this book seeks to provide practical techniques, interesting anecdotes, and realistic suggestions that help youngsters overcome the obstacles of self-doubt and bullying.

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It is her firm belief that if children are disciplined properly, then most of the behavioral problems in children can be solved without many concerns. Her experience as a provisional licensed professional counselor has helped countless couples in coping up with parenting challenges. A new couple with their first child may face problems in raising them for having zero to none experience, Eloise is there to help them all through her experience of being a professional. Parenting challenges are nothing to worry about now. A professional has shared all of the key information there is to take advantage of

– Eloise Collins


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Watch and listen to Eloise’s video as she inspires us to march on, equipped with awareness, fired by faith, dedicated to justice, and wearing our challenges as badges of glory. When we work together, we can make a world in which every person—young and old—stands up for the shared dream of a better tomorrow in addition to themselves by God’s will.

Life is an amazing journey, and we face challenges that help us become strong, resilient people as we strive for achievement. These difficulties are stepping stones toward our greatness, not barriers.

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